Before entering a drug collection facility to take a drug test here are a few tips to avoid specimen rejection and to make the process more smooth.

Do not drink excessive water before a drug test.  Why?  This could lead to a false negative result as well as a sample rejection.  A diluted specimen is a urine sample which has a higher water content than the average specimen, which can minimize the drug levels in the urine.  The problem is that when someone tries to dilute the urine by drinking excessive water or by adding water to the specimen, the creatine concentration is also measured.  The creatine concentration determines if the urine is diluted.  If less than 20 milligrams per deciliter it is considered dilute.  If no creatine is found it can’t be counted as urine. A dilute finding may result in an inconclusive result.

Also, do not use the restroom immediately prior before entering the drug testing facility to give a urine sample..  I know this may be common sense, but we see it several times per day.  Once you attempt to give a sample and it is not an adequate amount donors now by DOT rules need to enter a shy bladder protocol.  Donors are not allowed to leave the facility and have up to 3 hours to give a sample.  Water consumption is monitored closely and limited to avoid diluting the urine.

So avoid dilute specimens and shy bladder protocol by not drinking excessive water or using the restroom immediately before entering for your urine drug test.