Having trouble maintaining your weight?  Don’t know what the best form of exercise works best for you? DNA testing may give you the answers you are looking for. The Healthy Weight DNA tests examines your DNA and analyzes genetic markers connected to your weight, metabolism, and body type.  It includes a personalized report with specific recommendations based on the results of your genetic test and tailors a weight loss program that can achieve real results.

Results include: detailed analysis of genetic markers influencing your weight recommendations for foods to eat, optimal nutrient needs, most effective supplements, and ideal workouts.  DNA fitness testing can take the guesswork out of which types of training your body responds to most efficiently.


There are a lot of skin care products out there, but which ones are best for you?

Home DNA skin care is a science based DNA test that identifies your skins genetic potential in 7 key areas: Collagen quality, skin elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, sun protection, pigmentation, skin antioxidants, and skin sensitivity. In a few weeks you will receive a comprehensive genetic report from the lab that gives you personalized recommendations based on your DNA for the most effective topical ingredients, supplement ingredients, and professional treatments.