5 Benefits of a Drug Free Workplace Program

  1. Increased productivity – Employees that are under the influence of drugs and alcohol often lead to calling out of work frequently, tardiness, tiredness, and poor performance.  A drug free workplace can help employees stay focused and usually results in less employee turnover as well.
  2. Decreased insurance costs – There is a clear cost savings for having a drug free workplace for employees.  Employees are less likely to use their health benefits as increase of drug use usually equals an increase of doctor visits.  Insurance companies often give discounts to companies with a drug free workplace policy.
  3. Decreased workplace accidents – Approximately 50% of workplace accidents are caused by drugs in some way.  Lack of focus and tiredness is usually the cause.
  4. Better equipped to help employees – A set policy can help recognize employees with drug and alcohol issues.  These policies can help get the employee the help they need and potentially save a life.
  5. Better for business – A drug free work environment is better for everyone.  Creates a safe work environment, safer and better communication with customers, and could even open up future business opportunities due to more places only doing business with companies with a set policy.